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You can celebrate so many life events

with the gift of cookies!

Contact us to ask about cookie gift sets - from 2 to 6 cookies!


Ideas can include: 

A new home, a baby or wedding shower, graduation,

Holidays, care package for college student.


Send congrats for a new job, or making the soccer team. 


As a THANK YOU to our fantastic teachers and coaches,
dentists and orthodontists.

As a THANK YOU to our dedicated first responders-


You think of it, we can cookie it!

With our Eddie Printer, we can print your logos

directly on the cookie (with permission from the owner)

We can print your monogram or even your photos!

See our social media for more ideas!


Complement your Celebration cake (yes we do cakes, too!)
with a PartyPac of cookies!
Not everyone will eat a large special cookie, so we give you 12 custom decorated cookies
and 24 mini, more simplified cookies in the same theme.
Nothing worse than a toddler taking one bite of a
beautiful cookie and throwing it on the floor!
Give her a mini, instead!

PartyPacs start at $115 for 3 dozen cookies


Baby Shower Cookies

Cookies are sold by the dozen.

Pricing starts at $55/dozen


Price increases based on

complexity of the design and

 size of cookie

There is a maximum

of 4 designs per dozen. 

All cookies come  individually heat sealed,

bagged & tied with ribbon unless requested otherwise. We do this to ensure quality and protection during transport.

Cookie Flavors:

Princess- our standard cookie!
A lightly sweet taste accented with undertones of citrus and rich vanilla. 

Vanilla Almond                      Gingerbread


Mini Chocolate Chip


Pumpkin Spice


Red Velvet

Nautical Baby Shower Cookies
IMG_7211 (1).JPG
Trump USA America Cookies
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